Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit

A rapid increase of pressure cooker lawsuits have been filed against multiple manufacturers of pressure cookers due to explosions, resulting in severe burns and injuries to the user. In addition, numerous recalls have been ordered across the country for ambiguous assembly instructions and faulty production.

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Pressure cookers have been marketed aggressively on television and in retail stores promising quick, tasty meals. Unfortunately for some unsuspecting consumers, their defectively designed pressure cookers have exploded; spewing hot liquids across their kitchen and severely burning them and others nearby.

Pressure Cooker Overview

Pressure cookers are used by kitchen novices and professionals alike due to their ability to both heat and cook food, saving time and cleanup. Pressure cookers work by trapping heat in a pot within a secure lid to prevent steam from escaping. This not only warms up the food but cooks it at an even temperature.

Electric pressure cookers come with features such as a timer, temperature gauge, food-specific settings and some even have bluetooth technology. Stovetop pressure cookers require the user to monitor the temperature manually. Both manual and electric versions feature a safety valve to release the pressure before opening the lid.

What’s the problem?

Oftentimes pressure cookers reach temperatures far above 200 degrees, making their reliability of the utmost importance. However, malfunctions indicating the device is ready to be opened, as well as defective rubber rings around the lip of the pot, have jeopardized the safety of consumers.

If a pressure cooker is opened before steam has escaped the entirety of the pot, it creates an “explosion” of the contents inside once it is released.

At temperatures of 200+ degrees, this can lead to severe second and third degree burns. Anyone in the vicinity of the pressure cooker is at risk of having hot contents spilled onto their body.

Injured From a Pressure Cooker Explosion?
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In the news

Most recently, in March 2018, ABC News reported a woman in Texas suffered severe burns after her pressure cooker exploded in her kitchen.

The woman was not new to using pressure cookers and indicated she had been for quite some time. She was using a towel, as some users like to do, to clean up the moisture from the steam escaping her Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Within moments, the pot exploded and hot contents of the pressure cooker went flying across her kitchen. She suffered burns on her neck and arm.

Her experience with her pressure cooker is not unlike others. Multiple brands and versions of pressure cookers have caused severe injury to users.

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Underway

Consumers who purchased a Tristar Power Pressure Cooker between March 1, 2013 and January 19, 2018 could be eligible for compensation as part of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement with Tristar Products Inc.

Important Class Action Settlement Information

“Kenneth Chapman, et. al. v Tristar Products, Inc., Case No. 1:16CV01114”?

What to do if you have been injured: If you or a loved one has been injured or burned by a Tristar pressure cooker explosion, you should contact our law firm immediately to discuss your “opt out options”.

This settlement does not hold the manufacturer liable or compensate you for your injuries. Opting out of the settlement is very important if you have suffered injuries.  If you do not opt out by June 4, 2018, you may forever lose your claim to bring an individual lawsuit against the manufacturer of this pressure cooker. 

Contact Johnson // Becker today to discuss your situation and rights in opting out of the current proposed class action lawsuit settlement.

Pressure Cooker Lawsuits – Manufacturer / Brand Name List

Our lawyers are actively involved in this litigation and filing individual pressure cooker lawsuits nationwide. The pressure cookers that our lawyers are investigating regarding malfunction and explosion risk are as follows:

Please note, if your pressure cooker manufacturer or brand name is not on this list and you have experienced a pressure cooker explosion or serious malfunction, please contact us.

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