Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Filed in Texas

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Johnson//Becker client who sustained severe thermal burns after her Ninja Foodi exploded.

Johnson//Becker, PLLC is a nationwide products liability law firm with extensive experience representing victims of pressure cooker explosions. The firm has represented over 700 clients who have been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers, designed and sold by numerous manufacturers.

Johnson//Becker filed this complaint alleging that SharkNinja, the manufacturer of the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, misrepresented the safety of its pressure cookers. The Complaint was filed on behalf of Ms. Tammy Morrison, a resident of Texas.

The Complaint alleges that Ms. Morrison’s pressure cooker exploded while under pressure. As a result of the explosion, Ms. Morrison sustained severe thermal burns.

According to the Complaint, the Ninja Foodi “[possesses] defects that make then unreasonably dangerous for their intended use by consumers because the lid can be rotated and opened while the unit remains pressurized.”

Ms. Morrison is represented by Adam J. Kress of Johnson//Becker. Adam J. Kress exclusively handles injury cases, with an emphasis on national product liability litigation. He also handles cases involving burn injuries from defective products.

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