Disability Claims

Social Security Disability/Short-Term Disability/Long-Term Disability

Disability can result from an acute incident like an accident or a specific injury or from long-term wear and tear on a person’s body or a number of injuries to various body parts derived over a life-time. Furthermore, psychological or psychiatric injuries can result from innumerable causes.

The claim process can be complicated. It often involves layers of appeals and deadlines and contains specific data requirements for an appeal. It is important to talk to a lawyer about your rights. The Johnson//Becker firm philosophy puts our clients’ interest at the forefront of our case management. Our lawyers personally review and evaluate all relevant conditions that may play a role in totally disabling someone from substantial, gainful employment.

At Johnson//Becker we do not sign up a client and have our staff handle the claim. Our lawyers direct each action taken on the claim and then involve themselves in not only contemplating and planning strategy, but performing the work. We believe this direct involvement gives our lawyers the critical knowledge of the facts needed to successfully advocate for our clients.

Facts about Social Security claims:

  • Failure to timely appeal an adverse decision from the Social Security Administration or an insurer can result in forfeiture of some or all benefits.
  • The dependent family members of a person on Social Security Disability may be entitled to some dependency benefits for financial support.
  • Disability Claims often require expert testimony or the cross-examination of an expert at hearing in order to successfully prevail in a claim.

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