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FDA Withdraws Two Transvaginal Mesh Products

Two companies that manufacture transvaginal mesh devices were ordered by the FDA to withdraw their products from the market.

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Possible

A US District Judge is ordering Bayer AG to pursue mediation and potentially settle outside the court over claims its Roundup herbicide causes cancer.

Jensen Tuna Recall Lawsuit: Salmonella Poisoning Lawyer

The FDA and CDC are currently investigating a recent multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Newport in packaged tuna sourced from Vietnam.

eCigarettes and Vape Pens May Be Linked To Seizures

While the FDA admits vaping has helped curb smoking traditional cigarettes for adults, the agency is now warning about health concerns regarding seizures.

Caito Foods Melon Recall Lawsuit

Caito Foods LLC issued a recall on its pre-cut melon products due to an outbreak of Salmonella Carrau, resulting in over 20 hospitalizations.

Image of raw ground beef in pan with red and green peppers on the side

Ground Beef Recall – E. Coli Food Poisoning Lawyer

The mystery cause of a six-state E. coli poisoning outbreak that has sickened more than 100 people has been announced but questions remain …

Field & Stream Timberline Tree Stand Recall Lawsuit

On April 11, 2019, Dicks Sporting Goods announced the recall of the popular “Field & Stream Timberline Hang On tree stands” citing that the weld on the seats can break and cause the seat to fall from the tree, posing a fall hazard. Learn more from the lawyers at Johnson // Becker about your rights in filing a lawsuit if you or a loved one were injured.

New Case Goes to Trial, Roundup ‘Significant Factor’

According to a pathologist in the newest Roundup lawsuit, it is “not a hard call” their cancer is linked to Roundup exposure.

J&J Talcum Powder Lawsuits Settled Out of Court

Johnson & Johnson has started settling talcum powder lawsuits out of court to avoid further scrutiny of its baby powder causing cancer.

Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper Lawsuit Lawyer

Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper Lawsuit

On April 5, 2019, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an urgent warning to parents and caregivers that at least 10 infant deaths have occurred in connection with the Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

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