Food Poisoning

Ground Beef Recalled for Possible E. coli Contamination

Over 62,000 lbs of ground beef have been recalled from the market after routine testing flagged potential E. coli contamination.

ice cream food poisoning
Image of an ice cream cone manufacturing facility.

Food Poisoning From Ice Cream, FDA Releases Statistics

Summer is fast approaching and as temperatures rise, so does the consumption of one of America’s most popular foods: ice cream! Read more to learn about contamination and food poisoning outbreaks linked to ice cream manufacturing facilities.

Jensen Tuna Recall Lawsuit: Salmonella Poisoning Lawyer

The FDA and CDC are currently investigating a recent multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Newport in packaged tuna sourced from Vietnam.

Caito Foods Melon Recall Lawsuit

Caito Foods LLC issued a recall on its pre-cut melon products due to an outbreak of Salmonella Carrau, resulting in over 20 hospitalizations.

Image of raw ground beef in pan with red and green peppers on the side

Ground Beef Recall – E. Coli Food Poisoning Lawyer

The mystery cause of a six-state E. coli poisoning outbreak that has sickened more than 100 people has been announced but questions remain …

Hands holding a ripe California grown avocado.
Hands holding a ripe California grown avocado.

Avocado Recall Lawyer

Page details the recent 2019 recall on avocados distributed in seven states. Learn more about your legal rights in filing a Listeria food poisoning lawsuit from the lawyers at Johnson // Becker.

Tips to avoid food poisoning

10 Tips to Avoid Fruit & Vegetable Food Poisoning

At Johnson // Becker we know all too well how devastating it can be to a family stricken with a severe case of food poisoning. Therefore, we have put together this quick “10 Tip Article” on practicing safe fruit and vegetable handling at home.

butterball turkey recall lawyer lawsuit
Initial reports of salmonella poisoning linked to four illnesses at a single residential facility in Wisconsin and one illness in Minnesota. This is a nationwide recall and we expect the reported number of salmonella poisoning cases to rise.

Butterball Turkey Recall Lawsuit: Salmonella Poisoning Lawyer

One of the nation’s top-selling brands of turkey has recalled approximately 39 tons of ground turkey poultry products after discovering that they could be tainted with salmonella

Oskri Organics Recall Lawsuit

Oskri Organics Corporation recalled all of its manufactured nut butters due to a concern with a Listeria outbreak earlier this month.

Top Food Poisoning Recalls for 2018

In this article, our food poisoning lawyers provide a comprehensive list of food poisoning outbreaks and recalls that caused a stir and made national headlines this year.