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About Our Firm

Johnson // Becker is dedicated to serving you or your family with care, compassion, and commitment. Our attorneys have significant legal qualifications and over two decades of experience to best represent your interests in matters of injury due to dangerous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices, product liability, trucking collisions, automobile accidents, serious personal injury, construction accidents, and workers’ compensation cases.

Our law firm consists of exceptional lawyers who focus on handling individual and class action cases throughout the entire country.

We understand that litigation is often connected to emotional situations, so we approach each case with care, compassion and commitment. Our attorneys and staff are here to guide clients through the process and ease their burdens.

The experience and wealth of diversity at our law firm is extensive. We have played significant leadership roles in large and impactful settlements, decisions and cases with regard to individual, consolidated multi-district, mass torts and class action lawsuits in state and federal courts across the country.

Our attorneys are also regularly appointed to leadership positions in Nationwide product liability lawsuits involving pharmaceutical and medical device products.

Our attorneys have been named Super Lawyers, recognized by the American Association for Justice as one of the Nation’s “Top 100 Trial Lawyers”, awarded “Attorney of the Year”, featured in “Who’s Who in Personal Injury”, named “Top 100 Law Firms” and “Top 40 Under 40” (people to watch) by The National Trial Lawyers, and elected to the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and The Summit Council.

Our law firm represents your interests with dedication to seeking justice and is committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for clients by investing considerable resources into our clients’ cases. A primary reason for our success in litigation is our commitment to prepare every case we handle thoroughly for trial.

A substantial portion of our cases come as referrals from former and present clients. Furthermore, the vast majority of cases we handle are referred to us by other plaintiffs law firms. This is a testimonial to the quality of legal representation and individual attention we provide for each of our clients and referring legal counsel.

While a serious injury can leave families facing an uncertain future, at the very least we can make sure you receive the financial compensation you need to provide for life’s everyday needs and medical treatment.

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Google Rating
Based on 84 reviews
Outstanding lawyer Very professional Persistant Knowledgeable about the subject I recommended to everyone Thanks Johnson Becker
Badara Diagne
Badara D.
23:04 22 Aug 19
Johnson Becker worked very diligently to get the benefits my husband deserved to receive. The staff was always courteous and provided updates on the litigation in a timely manner. Sadly, my husband passed away before the litigation was finalized.
Suzanne Kehoe
Suzanne K.
22:00 05 Jul 19
Absolutely outstanding service with my case. The staff of Johnson Becker kept me informed and answered any and all questions I had. I recommend them highly!
Joe Phillips
Joe P.
18:23 29 Jun 19
My experience with this firm and my Attorney Adam Kress was truly amazing. Hard work, dedication, informative and extremely professional but caring. I highly recommended Adam Kress and the Johnson Becker law firm staff . They did an excellent job... I am so highly pleased at all the hard work that was put into my case. I was always updated on my case status, I just could not have asked for a better firm than Johnson Becker. And I thank them for a terrific outcome .
Beth Fields
Beth F.
11:06 31 May 19
Five stars and kudos to Johnson Becker! As an independent contractor working for a major courier company, I was extremely pleased at the outcome of our litigation concerning overtime wages that were due me. In spite of several years of pushback from the defendants, the Johnson Becker team did not back down. The result of their hard work and perseverance was a favorable decision for all of the drivers concerned. I was especially impressed with the fact that throughout the entire time it took to settle this matter Johnson Becker constantly kept us up-to-date via email as to what was happening with the litigation. My heartfelt thanks go out to the entire Johnson Becker team not only for compensation received,but for justice served!
Mark Ingles
Mark I.
00:05 30 May 19
Amazing service's and also excellent staff who make sure all of your needs are met even of you have any questions they're there for you.
Jess Lane
Jess L.
20:16 29 May 19
The care and commitment that this firm put into my case was amazing. Adam Kress and team were consistent and always stayed in contact with me during my case. The team made it easy even though I am out of state by emails and having everything I needed online at my fingertips. I highly recommend Johnson and Becker’s team.
Ashley Newsom
Ashley N.
20:23 28 May 19
Amazing group of lawyers!!
Shakeema Shuler
Shakeema S.
02:28 24 May 19
I highly recommend Johnson and Becker law firm..Adam Kress was amazing...he was very patient and kind especially with all the questions and concerns, he responded quickly and if he wasn’t in his co workers are very efffiicient and pleasant ...Lucia Chelsea,Brianna ....I felt like I had a new friend with Adam... Thank you so much Adam and the rest of his team.....
Bonnie Olaughlin
Bonnie O.
15:13 20 May 19
satisfied, would definitely recommend.
15:23 16 May 19
Excellent service and staff. Did really well by me. I would use them again.
Linda Brosseau
Linda B.
18:59 13 May 19
The best experience I have had, and just think I was afraid to call them. I am very pleased with the care and quick response for help awarded me from Johnson Becker and wish I had called them sooner.
Dora DeVan
Dora D.
16:47 13 May 19
A very awesome Team. Great Attorneys remember super Lawyers
Ronald Townsend
Ronald T.
13:36 11 May 19
I am very happy that I chose Johnson Becker to represent me. They kept me informed of anything I needed to do along the way and answered any questions that I had in a timely manner. If it became necessary I would not hesitate to have them represent me again.
Dale Ellert
Dale E.
19:39 09 May 19
We had a very great experience with Adam Kress and his team. They had been very patient with us,our concerns and our questions. They explain everything to us in simple words that we can easily understand. And they also keep us updated. Very accomodating with phonecalls.
Alma Cruz
Alma C.
15:07 07 May 19
I could go on and on about the absolutely outstanding work the people at this firm do as, make no mistake - Johnson Becker is definitely the real deal.But I'd like to zero in on one very important piece of their firm that I've come to appreciate more than any of the sum of its' parts - their administrative secretary, Julie Shipway. This woman, in my humble opinion, is without question the single most dedicated worker in the field of law I've ever encountered. Anything I needed - ANYTHING, day or night, she was there to help me and assure that all would be made right; and made whole. This is not to say in any way, shape, or form that the lawyers at this firm hadn't done their job to a T, they had! And I'm immeasurably grateful for the justice they saw through, and the settlement they were able to procure for me and for all of us. But Julie was truly extraordinary, and I'm heavily convinced that this firm, in all it's success, really does owe at least one of the legs it stands on to her and her efforts.Thank you for all you've done.
Sam Moskowitz
Sam M.
15:35 06 May 19
My husband had a real bad experience with one of these pressure cookers. Once talking to Johnson Becker they had a representative (Adam Kress) fly to South Carolina to talk to me and my family. He was well respectable and took me and my family at the top of his concern. Alawys thoughtful even with questions of other concerns I would recommend the lawfirm to anyone goig through a similar situation.
Jennifer Hawthorne
Jennifer H.
20:14 05 May 19
2 thumbs up for a well done job . Attorney Adam Kress and his team did their best to win and get the best possible settlement for our case. They are easy to deal with and always there to guide you and answer your questions.
22:05 02 May 19
Johnson Becker was so helpful and easy to work with. They were always immediately available to answer my questions and they kept me up to date every step of the way. All the staff were extremely compassionate and professional. If you need a firm to handle your litigation, I highly recommend Johnson Becker.
Sandy Fite
Sandy F.
19:09 26 Apr 19
I was introduced to Johnson/Becker through another law firm.I spoke to Adam Kress and he was very kind and caring he talk everything over with me on my case so I would understand it.He would not do anything without talking to me first and that's what I liked.I'm very very happy with the out come of my case and I would recommend Johnson/Becker to anyone that needs legial help they will fight for you to get what you deserve out of your case. Thank You very much.
mary lavallee
mary L.
16:34 26 Apr 19
The service we received from Adam Kress and his team was outstanding. We came away feeling like we had a new friend. Our biggest surprise was that this company not only works on getting money for their clients, they actually care about getting unsafe products off the market. Thanks Johnson and Becker for making us feel like we helped make the world a little safer!
Ken Christian
Ken C.
01:22 20 Apr 19
Johnson Becker is so amazing they team is outstanding,I feel like Adam Kress and his team went above and beyond to handle my case and. I sincerely appreciate everything the team has done for me, they kept me up to date with everything I felt aprart of the team. I was injured by the xl pressure cooker it was a horrible experience but we got thorough it everyone walked away happy 😃 Thank you again Adam Kress and the team
Clifford Herbert
Clifford H.
15:18 12 Apr 19
Excellent law firm that provides exceptional legal services. They kept me informed and up to date during my litigation. I highly recommend this law firm. Professional, polite, and compassionate!
Jerry Ramirez
Jerry R.
17:17 08 Apr 19
Superb, proactive representation and professionalism across the board. Kept me informed on the status of my case. Reviewed about 10 firms before I chose Johnson Becker. I remain convinced I made the best decision possible. Very industrious, pulling out all the stops to get the best possible result.
Paul Moshay
Paul M.
17:35 05 Apr 19
My experience with Johnson and Becker especially working with Mr Adam Kress and Mr Mike has been beyond explainable. They are an amazing team. Mr Adam has been in touch with me throughout the whole process, never left me wondering. This law firm has worked with me to get the best results and I must say I've never felt so stern on anyone's word but everything they said they would do, they did it. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a great law firm.
Brenika Lott
Brenika L.
21:49 01 Apr 19
Our experience with Johnson/Becker has been completely satisfying in every way ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ As anyone can imagine having a legal issue to deal with is stressful in many ways:1) A difficulty has precipitated the need for an attorney. For us it was a health related and any health issue is stressful. The need for an attorney is also stressful.2) Working with an attorney can be stressful. We all have paperwork to complete as well as the responsibilities of life. Paperwork is not really enjoyable. 3) Waiting can be difficult. For Anyone.The law firm of Johnson/Becker made the process of dealing with these things easier in several ways.First of all, they handled all phone conversations not only in a timely manner, but with compassion.Then, in a very organized way they sent paperwork that made it clear to us as laymen so we understood what needed to be done. It was always handled in an efficient way. We were always notified when it was received. Our phone calls were always answered and returned in a timely manner. And as stated before, they were handled with compassion.The wait was worth it. And since they always kept us notified we felt confident it would be resolved— and it was.We were quite satisfied with not only the outcome, but the process. A special shout out to Lucia McLaren and her assistants Jessica and Emily. They were always kind and understood our concerns. They made us feel not only that they are a good law firm but one that is of the highest quality.
Kathleen Frye
Kathleen F.
13:40 01 Apr 19
I had a defective medical device that had been surgically implanted in me. When the device failed, I had to have it surgically removed. Johnson Becker, PLLC took my case, and I received a substantial settlement from the manufacturer which was fortunate because since the settlement, I have had to be re-admitted to the hospital two more times, and I have had to have two more surgeries due to complications from this device. The staff at Johnson Becker, PLLC were extremely caring and knowledgeable. I have been a registered nurse for over 26 years, and I am a legal nurse consultant. I was very impressed with their service. They continuously updated me on the progress of my case, and they would always quickly respond to my questions. I would highly recommend Johnson Becker, PLLC.
Julia Mattison
Julia M.
17:05 23 Mar 19
I have expressed my sincere appreciation to the Johnson Becker team and would like to rate the experience, hoping to ensure others of the professionalism, sincerity and commitment of this legal team. Though my connection spanned several months, the attention to detail the legal representatives exhibited and the communication provided during this time was remarkable. The outcome was more than I anticipated, and the process was painless. Thank you for exhibiting the care and concern for me during this time.
Gayle Bero
Gayle B.
14:57 22 Mar 19
I would like to reccomend the Johnson Becker Law firm. They represented us and we were very happy with their work. Everyone we spoke to whether it be a secretary, paralegal or the attorney we had which was Ms. McLaren. Ms McLaren was very patient and understanding answering all our questions. If she wasn't available at the time of our calls she was very prompt in returning our calls. She made us feel we were important and not treated as if we were a number. Ms. McLaren has compassion and a heart for her clients and you can see that shine through. Even though our case had been concluded she called me to see how I am doing and to check on me. That meant everything to me and touched my heart. If you want a law firm who truly cares about their clients and works hard on behalf of their clients I would highly recommend Johnson and Becker Law firm. If you have MS. McLaren as your attorney then I would say you were doubly Blessed. If Ms McLaren sets the standard for all the other attorneys then you know all of the other attorneys are just as good as Ms. McLaren.
Karen Langmeyer
Karen L.
21:26 20 Mar 19
Amazing attorneys If you have an issue this firm will go all the way for you with compassion, knowledgeable advice, and integrity! They were always available for me, and always honest!! It took a long time because of a unforeseen circumstance (not their fault) but they never gave up! And they won me a life changing settlement! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!
16:07 20 Mar 19
This law firm was amazing! Always kept me informed on the progress on the action. Whenever I called with a question, my call was returned quickly and was never made to feel like I wasn't important. All the staff I dealt with was compassionate and very understanding. Highly recommend this firm.
Sandie Barnes
Sandie B.
18:37 18 Mar 19
I recently received representation from Johnson Becker law firm, Adam Kress was very understanding and compassionate. Always keeping me informed and giving me great clarity whenever I had questions. I have had a great experience with this law firm and everyone representing them. Any questions or concerns were always answered promptly. I absolutely would recommend Johnson Becker Law Firm. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!
Willow Ramirez
Willow R.
03:49 14 Mar 19
I worked with Johnson and Becker as the law firm representing my interests over the course of around seven years. I found the firm to be extremely diligent, responsive and professional in their handling of my case. I’d recommend their services to others and would absolutely turn to them in the future if I needed legal services.
Phil Fender
Phil F.
22:58 09 Mar 19
From start to finish Adam Kress was incredible he always kept me informed and on top of everything he had going on called to update me on Saturday's and his own time. I've never had an attorney that I can say feels like family I'm extremely greatful and truely blessed that Johnson & Becker had Adam there to represent me and my case. I'm a disabled veteran and don't have much trust in the system but Adam changed that I had negitive opinions on lawyer's that they didn't really care I can gurentee you that Adam cares and he will forever be family to me and my kids. Thank you to Johnson and Becker for having a great man like this working there and if you need an atty don't hesitate call them.
John Henderson
John H.
14:19 07 Mar 19
GREAT law firm to work with. They always made sure they kept you up-to-date on your case. Caring & respectful people. I would refer them to others. THANK YOU FOR GREAT REPRESENTATION!!
TJRaelynn Toon
TJRaelynn T.
17:24 05 Mar 19
I received very comprehensive, compassionate service from Johnson Becker and their staff, including updates on my case and a great outcome. I'm very happy with their firm and would absolutely utilize their services again if needed!
00:04 05 Mar 19
My husband and I have been involved in a legal issue, and have worked with Johnson Becker. Everyone at this firm has been outstanding, from the people that answer to phone, to the paralegals, to the attorneys. We worked closely with Alexandra Roberston, an attorney at the firm, and we could not have been happier with her. She explained every step of the process , which in our case, took a good amount of time. She is so patient, so there was never a time that we felt uncomfortable asking questions. We know that our best interest was always her top priority, and we have complete confidence in her, and the entire firm. During what is a most stressful time in our lives, we are incredibly grateful that we were able to work this this firm. They have all gone above and beyond for us. I hope that anyone that has a legal issue gets treated with the same integrity and respect that Johnson Becker has treated us. They are very deserving of their great reputation.
Donna Lima Johnson
Donna Lima J.
03:38 02 Mar 19
I obtained representation from Johnson Becker for a lawsuit 2 years ago - from day one, Adam Kress was absolutely the most thorough and professional attorney so have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. What initially started as a very emotional, draining experience that I dreaded answering or making calls for, actually became one of the smoothest processes I’ve ever had to encounter. I would highly recommend Johnson Becker, and wholeheartedly Adam Kress, without a shadow of a doubt, I am thankful for all that he did to ensure a solid outcome for myself and all involved.
Holly Stoll
Holly S.
23:59 28 Feb 19
They were honest and very capable of handling my case. A very classy group of attorneys.
John Doss
John D.
03:57 05 Apr 18
They did what they said they were going to do!
06:35 07 Mar 18
Great experience with my attorney, he is very informative and always keeps me informed and answers me back very quickly. Would recommend
Jarrod Thorson
Jarrod T.
16:33 06 Mar 18
Great law firm to work with. They took the time to get to know and help me. They were always there if I had questions and they kept me up to date every step of the way.
Taina Barrett
Taina B.
01:38 06 Mar 18
Johnson Becker PLLC is an excellent firm who has worked with me diligently to see justice done. Without the support and dedication of Kellie Payne and Jake Jagdfeld with regards to my case, I would have given up long ago. I would recommend them to anyone.
Jesse Valencia
Jesse V.
22:17 13 Feb 18
My experience with Jake Jagdfeld and his team at Johnson Becker was beyond anything I had expected! I am blown away from multiple levels as I have dealt with many law firms throughout my life. From the personal customer service to the regular follow through and realistic education and options for my case it made handling the stress of my legal situation far easier! I would highly recommend this firm if you're looking for a team who is 100% behind their clients and willing to go the extra mile to ensure success.
20:33 27 Dec 17
Loved these people they were GREAT to me always answered all my questions and won my case for me... THANK YOU SO MUCH
Betsy Morgan
Betsy M.
22:56 22 Dec 17
Johnson Becker represented me against a major pharmaceutical company and helped me receive the compensation I deserved for damages.
Katrina Deutsch Bowser
Katrina Deutsch B.
14:36 18 Dec 17
My case was handled with professionalism and concern for my needs and impact to my life. Jake worked hard to make sure that we could reach an agreement that was as fair as possible.
Mary J Williams
Mary J W.
23:55 17 Dec 17
They are great law Firm and I would use them again
Chrystal Dibler
Chrystal D.
22:57 14 Dec 17
Johnson and Becker is a law firm during my experience that has the attorney's and staff for all liability and personal injury issues that a person could ask for. Excellent service, trust, and the winners that we need to fight for justice and the commitment we all are looking for. Lawyers that fight for us with common causes. I am still a client and will always use them in the future if need be. Thank you Johnson and Becker, a 5 star Law firm.
Jeff Sims
Jeff S.
00:37 06 Dec 17
Very good at consistent communication, follow up & availability.
Amy Anthony
Amy A.
22:44 05 Dec 17
Great experience. Although they couldn't help me with my claim they were very kind and understanding though the process. The paralegal explained everything to me and although I took generic medicine I know they will bring justice for those that do have a claim. Unfortunately we need to be upset at the manufacturers and law makes for making it impossible for those of us who can't afford brand name medication to get the same justice.
Victoria Smith
Victoria S.
16:34 13 May 17

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