Product Liability

Super Jumper Trampoline Recall Lawsuit

The Super Jumper trampoline was recalled because there have been 97 reports of the welds on the device breaking off, resulting in injury to four people.

Tristar Trivet Recall Lawsuit

Contact our law firm if your child has suffered internal injury, perforation, blockage, sepsis, or intestinal obstruction from the Tristar trivet magnets.

Kentucky Gas Explosion Lawyer

A pipeline explosion in Kentucky killed one woman, injured more, and destroyed at least six homes in the surrounding area.

Explosion and Burn Lawyer

Fire and burn injuries cause a lifetime of medical complications and unforeseen expenses. The explosion and burn lawyers at Johnson // Becker can help you.

Disney, Eddie Bauer Inclined Sleeper Recall

In an effort to curb the rise in infant deaths due to inclined sleepers, Eddie Bauer and Disney both voluntarily recalled their bassinets from the market.

Chicco Playard Lawsuit

The angled Chicco Lullaby Dream Playard has been tied to at least one infant death. Read more to find out how to Johnson // Becker can help your family.

Cannondale Cyclocross Bike Recall Lawsuit

Were you injured while riding the Cannondale CAADX? Learn about the dangers and how you can hold the manufacturer accountable by filing a lawsuit.

Boppy Accessory Recall Lawsuit

A head and neck support accessory for the Bobby infant product was recalled from stores across the country due to positioning that can cause suffocation.

Infant Warmer Lawsuit

GE Healthcare issued a recall of its Giraffe and Panda i-Res Infant Warmers due a break or crack of the device, putting the infant at risk of falling.

Fisher-Price Inclined Sleeper Accessory Recall

Out of an abundance of caution, Fisher-Price is recalling its inclined infant sleeper accessory due to the possibility of serious injury or death.