Product Liability

Ford Issues Three Separate Recalls

Ford issued three various recalls in February for a handful of its newer vehicles due to manufacturing defects that could cause accidents or injury.

Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper Recall

An accelerator issue with the Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper prompted Fisher-Price to recall over 44,000 of its products due to an injury hazard.

Neocate Lawsuit

Neocate is an alternative formula for children that has been linked to causing bone fractures, rickets and bone abnormalities.

Signature Hardware Shower Seat Recall Lawsuit

A wall-mounted shower seat has been recalled from the consumer market due to breakage occurring while in use, leading to injury including lacerations.

3M Earplug Hearing Loss Lawsuit

A lawsuit between the United States and 3M Company alleged that for over a decade, military service members were given defective earplugs for combat.

Lime Scooter Recall Lawsuit

Lime, a transportation sharing company, recalled certain models of its electric scooters last year due to breakage and defects in battery operation. If you or someone you love was injured from riding on a Lime scooter, either by fire or from the baseboard or other components breaking, we would like to speak with you. Learn more below.

Rise in teen vaping a national concern

Though drug, alcohol and tobacco use are down to historic numbers, recent studies and data show that vaping among teenagers is increasing with each year.

Pyrex Lawsuit

Pyrex, a household staple for nearly a century, has recently been found to break, shatter and explode when being used for cooking or taken out of the oven.

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The Highest Product Liability Verdicts of 2018

Starting off the list is the $289 million jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff, DeWayne “Lee” Johnson. This case was against Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, which has been linked to causing a number of different

Skechers Light Up Shoes Burn Lawsuit

Skechers various lines of light-up shoes pose a potential threat to children as the Ni-Cad battery may leak chemicals when exposed to water, leading to burns and painful injuries.