Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

The Wolfgang Puck line of pressure cookers have been found to explode due to unreliable end-of-cycle gauges, leaving consumers with burns and injury.

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The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker lines have been popular among consumers not only because of their efficiency, but the notable chef’s name brings a level of confidence to the kitchen workspace. However, multiple cases of severe injuries and burns have occurred from various malfunctions with the products.

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker has been sold at department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, and marketed on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). It comes with safety features such as a precision thermostat to regulate pressure, as well as a timer that indicates when the cooker has reached optimal cooking pressure.

Many people prefer to use pressure cookers because it’s easy to clean up and doesn’t require the hassle of using multiple pots and pans. As pressure cookers come in various sizes, whole families can eat a nutritious meal from one batch.

These household appliances operate by cooking contents under high temperatures, often reaching 250 degrees. Due to the combination of pressure and high heat, there are safety gauges that allow the user to either manually release steam or to rely on an automatic release built into the machine.

The Wolfgang Puck line offers “built-in safety features” such as temperature control, and an on/off notification to let the user know when the food is depressurized and ready. But what happens if the appliance is unreliable?

Even though safety measures offset the chances of harm, it does not mean the device is foolproof. Many consumers have been burned from pressure cookers and the notable “Wolfgang Puck” name is not an exception.

In August 2017, a woman from Texas filed a lawsuit claiming the Wolfgang Automatic Rapid Pressure Cooker caused her to suffer both 2nd and 3rd degree burns. She claims the device exploded its scalding hot contents on her body after its cooking cycle stopped and indicated it was safe to release the pressure valve.

In her suit, she is claiming negligence, gross negligence, breach of warranty, strict products liability and joint enterprises causes of action against the company.

She is not alone. Many people have been filing lawsuits against multiple brands and manufacturers of pressure cookers. Our law firm is actively filing lawsuits across the country for consumers who have experienced the terror of an exploding kitchen appliance.

Pressure Cooker Injuries

Severe burns
Permanent scarring
Skin graft surgery
Property damage

Wolfgang Puck is among many brands of pressure cookers that have malfunctioned and burned numerous consumers.

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