Elite Bistro & Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Maxi-Matic pressure cooker lawsuits being accepted by our lawyers nationwide. Learn more about our involvement in representing consumers injured by exploding pressure cookers and your rights in filing a lawsuit against Maxi-Matic if your pressure cooker caused a serious burn or other injuries.

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Power pressure cookers have become a mainstay in many American kitchens due to a combination of ease-of-use and aggressive television marketing. The problem is that some of these devices, including the Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker, have been found to explode possibly because of unsafe overseas manufacturing techniques or defective product design. The Maxi-Matic Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker has the potential to cause serious 2nd and 3rd degree burns, despite users correctly following Maxi-Matic’s printed instructions. If you or a loved one has been hurt during a pressure cooker accident, you are not alone. Hundreds of men and women have filed lawsuits against various pressure cooker manufacturers after being injured as a direct result of malfunctions and pressure cooker explosions.

Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Settlement

Recently, a California couple obtained a settlement in a Maxi-Matic pressure cooker lawsuit. The plaintiffs in the case sued Maxi-Matic USA and Kohl’s Department Stores after their pressure cooker exploded causing the wife to suffer serious burn injuries. According to the lawsuit, the woman was making a meal that she had made four times previously when all of a sudden her Maxi-Matic pressure cooker exploded with steam and hot water causing second and third-degree burns. To date, the Maxi-Matic pressure cooker has not been recalled.

What Is A Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers are a type of consumer electronic, designed to cook food using high powered steam pressure that is generated using electricity. Manufacturers claim these devices have the ability to cook meats and vegetables in a shorter amount of time while retaining more nutrients than traditional cooking methods. They are generally slightly larger than a big soup pot, with power cords that plug into wall outlets.

The devices feature locking mechanisms on their hinged lids, which are designed to prevent home cooks from opening the cookers while in use. In recent years there have been reports of pressure cooker explosions, most recently from Maxi-Matic’s Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker.

Reports to CPSC on “Exploding” Maxi-Matic Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker

The Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker is a Chinese-made, 8 quart electric cooking device that uses steam pressure to cook “moist, flavorful feasts” more quickly than conventional methods. The device is marketed as having 16 features that allow home cooks to have the utmost control over their dinner experiences. One thing consumers do not have control of, potential and spontaneous explosions of the Maxi-Matic Elite Bistro unit.

There have been at least half a dozen reports to The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) detailing the horrifying experiences of consumers who were injured as a result of Maxi-Matic pressure cooker explosions. One consumer detailed their experience by describing a loud boom, followed by the crashing of light fixtures. When the cook entered the kitchen, there was food covering all ends of the kitchen.

Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker Retailers

The Elite Bistro Power Cooker is sold through a variety of online and instore retailers, in addition to its main distribution method of televised home marketing. These retailers made no mention of the potentially fatal flaws in the design and construction of the pressure cooker. Some retailers that currently stock the Elite Bistro are:

  • HSN
  • Target
  • Staples
  • Wayfair
  • Best Buy
  • Kohls
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

Many of these retailers pressure manufacturers into sourcing the most inexpensive manufacturing possible; usually through Chinese production houses that do not carry the same safety standards as American industries. Despite this pressure, companies such as Maxi-Matic are responsible for quality and safety checks designed to ensure consumers’ protection against injury.

Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Injuries

There are several reports of serious injury linked to exploding/malfunctioning Elite Bistro Power Cookers. The CPSC lists multiple complaints detailing hospital trips for 3rd-degree burns.

One such report, filed on 10/25/2016, spoke of a woman who received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her hands, arms and breasts after her Elite Bistro exploded. Despite reports of serious injury, Elite Bistro pressure cookers are still available for purchase from online and in-store retailers.

Elite Bistro Fire Risk

Many consumer electronics manufacturers in China have been involved in devastating house fires, due to cheaply sourced components that may short out and overheat. The Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker is no exception to this trend.

The device has had at least one report of a fire on the CPSC website. This report detailed a “whoosh” sound, followed by a glowing base of the Elite Bistro. From there, the device produced flames which caused the home cook to unplug the device in a panic. Thankfully no one was injured in the ordeal. It did, however, lead to continued doubt in the pressure cooker’s safety in general.

Pressure Cooker Lawsuits – Manufacturer / Brand Name List

Our lawyers are actively involved in this litigation and filing individual pressure cooker lawsuits nationwide. Some of the pressure cookers that our lawyers are investigating regarding malfunction and explosion risk are as follows:

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