Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Cuisinart pressure cookers have been linked to defective assembly and product design that has resulted in injury and burns to the user.

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In August 2018, a woman from South Dakota filed a complaint against Cuisinart after she was injured by scalding hot chili when her pressure cooker exploded, despite the company’s claim that accidents were “impossible.”

Shelly Wicklund said in her complaint that her CPC-600 series pressure cooker exploded after she opened the lid, resulting in burns to her arms, neck, chest and face. The company claims its lid-locking mechanism made it impossible for such an accident.

Pressure cookers serve a variety of purposes for preparing at-home meals. Quick and efficient, they are used to cut down the cook time of foods that typically take longer in the oven or on the stove.

They work by trapping the contents in temperatures of up to 200 degrees. However, if they malfunction by exploding, which they are known to do, they can seriously injure anyone in the vicinity.

Wicklund purchased her pressure cooker in December 2015. The accident occurred only four months later in March 2016. The appliance came with documentation that claimed a double-locking mechanism would prevent pressure from building up while the lid is locked, which would in turn prevent the lid from unlocking while it’s pressurized.

Wicklund’s pressure cooker explosion happened after the device said the cook time was completed. However, the cooker was clearly still pressurized and unfortunately injured the unsuspecting Wickland.

The actual malfunction of the pressure cooker comes from a plastic pin that can be broken when the lid is rotated with a normal force. The locking mechanism comes with a rotating plate which provides too much clearance for the other locking features to fluctuate in movement. One of which is the plastic pin.

“The defect allows the lid locking safety feature of the pressure cooker to be easily overcome, allowing the lid to be rotated and removed when there is still pressure inside the unit,” Wicklund said.

“Additionally, upon information and belief, the pressure cooker is able to be fully pressurized without the lid being securely attached and can result in the lid explosively separating from the pressure cooker unexpectedly.”

Wicklund indicated Cuisinart was aware of the complaint via an online comments section for the company about the device. However, the company failed to correct the defect or recall the pressure cookers.

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