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A popular cooking device known as the Power Pressure Cooker XL has been linked to sudden explosions, resulting in severe burns for dozens of consumers. Our law firm has seen a considerable uptick in the number of Power Pressure Cooker XL phone calls and emails from consumers who have experienced an explosion. We are currently pursuing litigation against the device’s manufacturer, Tristar Products, in an attempt to hold the “As Seen On TV” company accountable for their defective product.

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The Power Pressure Cooker XL, manufactured by Tristar Products, is marketed as an “amazing, one-button kitchen miracle.” However, this “miracle” turned into a nightmare for dozens of consumers who were seriously injured after their kitchen appliance exploded without warning.

These “food bombs” have prompted many injured consumers to file pressure cooker lawsuits against Tristar Products, claiming the manufacturer willingly sold them a defective, potentially deadly product.

Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Underway

Consumers who purchased a Tristar Power Pressure Cooker between March 1, 2013, and January 19, 2018, could be eligible for compensation as part of a proposed class action lawsuit settlement with Tristar Products Inc.

Important Class Action Settlement Information

“Kenneth Chapman, et. al. v Tristar Products, Inc., Case No. 1:16CV01114”?

What to do if you have been injured: If you or a loved one has been injured or burned by a Tristar pressure cooker explosion, you should contact our law firm immediately to discuss your options for opting out.

This settlement does not hold the manufacturer liable or compensate you for your injuries. Opting out of the settlement is very important if you have suffered injuries.  If you do not opt-out by June 4, 2018, you may forever lose your claim to bring an individual lawsuit against the manufacturer of this pressure cooker. 

Contact Johnson // Becker today to discuss your situation and rights in opting out of the current proposed class-action lawsuit settlement.

What Is The Power Pressure Cooker XL?

The Power Pressure Cooker XL is a pot-shaped kitchen device that uses electrical power to trap steam in a high-pressure cooking chamber. The device is distributed by Tristar Products, a popular “As Seen On TV” manufacturing and marketing corporation.

Tristar invested millions of dollars in infomercials designed to market their pressure cooker directly into consumers homes. In addition to the DTC marketplace, the Power Pressure Cooker XL was also available from noted retailers Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart.

The cooking device’s manufacturer went as far as to focus heavily on the cooker’s safety features in their advertisements. Some of these “safety features” included a “safe lock lid” that that Tristar claimed was nearly impossible to remove when the Power Pressure Cooker XL was in use.

They also honed in on the device’s “steam release valve” that they claimed would allow users to, “Just throw all of [their] ingredients in the pot and then let the Pressure Cooker work its magic.” Little did consumers know that they were running the risk of serious bodily harm when using Tristar’s defective Power Pressure Cooker XL.

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Power Pressure Cooker XL Explosions

The Power Pressure Cooker XL has been linked to dozens of explosions that have caused property damage, as well as first and second-degree, burns to consumers. It is thought that these explosions are caused by a faulty “safe lock lid”, that can allow home cooks to accidentally open the lid while the device is fully pressurized.

In addition to the device’s wide margin in the allowance of user error, numerous explosions have occurred due to lid fracture. A number of consumers who have experienced Power Pressure Cooker XL explosions have faced long and painful recoveries.

Power Pressure Cooker XL CPSC

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has received close to a dozen reports of exploding Power Pressure Cooker XL. The common thread in all these reports is accusations that at least one of Tristar’s six listed safety features failed, causing built-up steam pressure to escape in a destructive fashion. Here is a sampling from just some of these reports:

11/17/2014 – A California Man details his exploding cooker bought at Walmart: “My Power Pressure cooker exploded with fire hot chicken soup in it, covering my entire kitchen, hitting my in the head with a piece of chicken, and burning my arm. My 7-year-old child and his friend had just came through the the kitchen not seconds before this happened. The exposition did damage to my walls and cabinets, and had anyone been standing closer to it, it could have killed or seriously injured my family and my son friend.”

02/25/16 – A Pennsylvania woman details her experience that ended in a hospital visit: “I was preparing dinner for my family using the Power Pressure Cooker XL. I had selected the soup option and set the timer for 25minutes. When the timer went off notifying me that the cooking was complete, I turned the pressure release valve allowing the pressure to escape. I let this action continued for over 15 minutes until the valve dropped and no other pressure released. I then went to turn the lid to remove when the pressure from the cooker exploded causing hot scalding soup to erupt all over my kitchen and myself. I received second-degree burns on my left hand and right breast. My doctor prescribed Silvadene to help with the healing process and deter infection, but will be going for a would check to ensure it is healing properly.”

4/21/2017 – Texas woman’s Power Pressure Cooker XL explodes burning her: “Pressure cooker malfunction resulting in injury. At approximately 5:50 pm, I was cooking dinner in the Power Cooker Plus (Tristar) pressure cooker. I have used it many times and I am very familiar with pressure cooker usage. When the meal was done, I manually released the pressure using the valve. Believing the pressure to be fully released, I attempted to turn the lid. The lid is advertised as a safety lid that should not turn if there is any pressure.

However, the lid did turn and, as it did, the scalding hot contents of the pot erupted and shot out of the pressure cooker. I saw another consumer say this effect was similar to a volcanic eruption. That is the best description I can find. Food was everywhere and I was hit in the stomach with scalding hot fluid. I was burned with blistering 2nd-degree burns across my abdomen even through 2 layers of clothing.

My burns are significant, as are the accompanying blisters, with incredible pain. At the very least, the safety lid malfunctioned. It turned and open easily, despite the fact that the contents were obviously under pressure. This is an unreasonably dangerous product…”

6/23/2017 – Michigan couple experience explosion leaving the wife with severe burns: “My wife was cooking dinner using Tristar power pressure cooker XL. The product indicated it was done and all directions were followed to release pressure. While releasing cover the contents exploded all over leaving my wife with second and third-degree burns on her hands, arms, chest, and stomach.”

Consumers have a right to a reasonable expectation that products they may purchase are reliable and safe. Tristar Products did not meet either expectation in these cases. The cooking device is clearly labeled touting six different safety features designed to prevent these exact types of injuries. Lawsuits have been filed by people located all across the country demanding accountability from the Power Pressure Cooker XL’s multi-million dollar manufacturer.

Power Pressure Cooker XL In The News

CBS Miami covered the harrowing story of Lili Bekteva and her husband, Serg Tchernykh, who experienced the devastation The Power Pressure Cooker XL is capable of first hand. Bekteva detailed the painful second-degree burns her husband sustained while opening the family’s cooker. “He started to open it, and it blew out everything… He burned his arms completely, and when he removed the clothes, shorts, his leg also was burned,” she said. “It was a lot, a lot.”

This Florida couple is far from alone in their suffering. Dozens of others who have been burned as a result of faulty pressure cookers have begun to file suit against Tristar Products, as well as retailers who carry them. These suits seek to hold these major corporations accountable for producing and marketing what they’re calling a “defective and dangerous product.”

It is estimated that Tristar Products sees revenue of over $100 Million dollars a year. The Power Pressure Cooker XL is still on the market today, despite continuing reports of explosions and personal injury.

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