Product Liability

Medline Remedy Essentials Cleansing Foam Infection Lawsuit
Medline Remedy Essentials No-Rinse Cleansing Foam has been recalled by its manufacturer due to outbreak of infections.

Medline Remedy Essentials Cleansing Foam Infection Lawsuit

A popular cleansing product used in hospitals to bathe patients who have had recent surgical procedures or who are unable to bathe themselves has been linked to a Nationwide outbreak of bacterial infections.

Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit
Defective pressure cookers can explode leaving consumers with serious burn injuries.

Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit

There has been a rapid increase in the number of pressure cooker lawsuits filed due to explosions, resulting in severe burns and injuries to the user. In addition, numerous recalls have been ordered across the country for a variety of issues. Learn more about our law firms involvement in this litigation and how we can help you if you have been a pressure cooker burn injury victim.

Women hand apply talcum powder

$37 Million Awarded to Talcum Powder Induced Mesothelioma Victim

Earlier this month, a New Jersey state jury slammed pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson with a $37 million compensatory damages judgement for contributing to the development of mesothelioma in a man who had been exposed to talcum powder products manufactured by the company.

Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit
Instant Pot has been reported to cause serious burns from explosions. Source: Taste of Home

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Instant Pot is a popular programmable pressure cooker for kitchen connoisseurs and novices alike, but it comes with the dangerous possibility of causing severe injuries. Defective and malfunctioning pressure cookers like the Instant Pot have

Stainless steel and black Fagor pressure cooker
Fagor pressure cookers reported to malfunction and explode causing serious burn injuries. Source:

Fagor Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Fagor pressure cookers are very popular among consumers because of their convenience and efficiency in preparing large meals in a short amount of time. However, despite safety measures in recent years, pressure cookers still pose

cooks essentials pressure cooker explosion lawsuit

Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

People across the country have been injured by exploding contents from using pressure cookers in their households. Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker is one such device, which is primarily sold on QVC. Our law firm is currently evaluating new Cook’s Essentials pressure cooker lawsuit claims and would like to speak with you if you or a loved one has been injured from an exploding pressure cooker.

Bottle of Shower to Shower and Johnson's Baby Powder
Shower to Shower has been linked to causing ovarian cancer.

Shower to Shower Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson continues to face a hefty lineup of lawsuits alleging a correlation between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Learn more about the link between Shower to Shower and Ovarian cancer and see if you qualify to participate in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the product.

elite bistro pressure cooker lawsuit
Image of an Elite Bistro pressure cooker manufactured by Maxi-Matic. Are you interested in filing a Maxi-Matic lawsuit? Learn more about how our lawyers can help.

Elite Bistro & Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Maxi-Matic pressure cooker lawsuits being accepted by our lawyers nationwide. Learn more about our involvement in representing consumers injured by exploding pressure cookers and your rights in filing a lawsuit against Maxi-Matic if your pressure cooker caused a serious burn or other injuries.

johnson johnson baby powder lawsuit
Were you a user of baby powder and diagnosed with ovarian cancer? Contact the lawyers at Johnson//Becker for a Free Case Evaluation. - Source: LA Times

Johnson’s Baby Powder Lawsuit

Talcum powder manufacturers face thousands of lawsuits, some of which have already been won for hundreds of millions of dollars by the injured parties.

Yo-Yo Sparkler Lawsuit
Many of the injuries caused by defective Yo-Yo Sparklers were to children.

Yo-Yo Sparklers Lawsuit

Yo-Yo Sparklers, manufactured by Jake’s Fireworks, have been recalled by the CPSC after dozens of reports of serious burns. Many of those affected by the “exploding fireworks” have begun to file lawsuits seeking accountability from the Pittsburg, Kansas based corporation.