DailySale Magnetic Balls Recall Lawsuit

DailySale’s high-powered magnetic balls have been recalled due to the risk of ingestion, as well as violating federal safety standards for toy magnets. The lawyers at Johnson//Becker, PLLC are currently accepting new magnetic balls lawsuits. Learn more below.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled DailySale’s high-powered magnetic balls due to risks of ingestion and choking, and for violating federal safety standards. The recall was posted on Feb. 1, 2024.

According to the CPSC, the magnetic ball kit does not comply with federal safety regulations due to the size and the magnets being too strong. If the magnets were swallowed, the magnets could attract one another or another metal object and dislodge in the digestive system. The affected person can then suffer perforations, twisting, blocking of the intestines, infection, blood poisoning, or even death.

The CPSC estimates 2,400 magnet ingestions were treated in the hospital emergency rooms from 2017 through 2021.

The recall affects 216-piece 5mm Magnetic DIY Balls Magic Cubes. Around 105 magnet kits are included in the recall.

The CPSC advises consumers to stop using the recalled magnetic balls immediately and to keep them away from children.

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