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tepezza hearing loss lawsuit
Use of Tepezza for even a short course is associated with hearing loss.

Johnson // Becker, PLLC Files Second Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed by Johnson//Becker attorneys, Lisa Nethery, a resident of North Carolina, alleges Tepezza caused “permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus,” according to the Complaint.

hair relaxer ovarian cancer lawsuit
Ovarian cancer hair relaxer lawsuits are currently being filed by the lawyers at Johnson//Becker.

Hair Relaxer Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

Hair relaxer products have been linked to cancer and other serious illnesses. The lawyers at Johnson//Becker are currently accepting new ovarian cancer hair relaxer lawsuits. Learn more below.

Summit Treestands lawsuits are currently being filed by the lawyers at Johnson//Becker.

Summit Treestands Recall

The lawyers at Johnson//Becker are currently accepting new Summit Treestands lawsuits. Learn more below.

tiktok challenge lawsuit
Johnson//Becker is accepting lawsuits related to TikTok challenge injuries and deaths.

TikTok Challenge Lawsuit

TikTok challenges have been blamed for injuries and deaths among children and teenagers.

Johnson//Becker is actively filing lawsuits related to The Laundress recall.

The Laundress Recall

The Laundress products have been recalled due to the presence of bacteria. Learn more below.

texting while driving minnesota lawsuit
Texting while driving is responsible for hundreds of accidents.

Texting And Driving Minnesota Accident Lawyer

Minnesota averages hundreds of serious injuries and dozens of deaths each year due to texting and driving. Learn more about the texting while driving lawsuits filed by the lawyers at Johnson//Becker.

black and decker steamer recall lawsuit
Black & Decker steamers can cause burn injuries.

Black & Decker Steamer Recall Lawsuit

The Black & Decker Easy Garment Steamer has led to more than 200 reports of malfunctioning and dozens of burn injuries.

big game treestand recall lawsuit
Big Game tree stands were recalled due to a fall risk.

Big Game Treestand Fall Accident Lawsuit Filed by Johnson//Becker, PLLC

The Big Game treestand recall affected more than 12,000 stands sold to consumers during a one-year period. The defective treestands can cause serious life-threatening injuries in treestand fall accidents.

baby head shaping pillow lawsuit
"The use of head shaping pillows can create an unsafe sleep environment," according to the FDA.

Head Shaping Pillow / Flat Head Pillow Lawsuit

Head shaping pillows do not prevent or treat flat head syndrome, and can create the risk of suffocation or death.

furniture tip over lawyer

Furniture Tip-Over Lawyers Comment on New CPSC Tip-Over Standards

The furniture tip-over lawyers at Johnson//Becker applaud the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) vote to pass stronger safety standards with regard to furniture tip-overs. Prior to today’s vote, there was no mandatory standard for dressers and other clothing storage units despite at least 199 child deaths since 2000.

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