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ummer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Bed Recall Lawsuit Lawyer

Summer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Bed Baby Sleeper Recall Lawsuit

Summer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Bed Baby Sleeper has been recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Learn more about the recent Summer Infant recall and your legal rights in filing a lawsuit.

tesla sudden acceleration recall lawyer lawsuit

Is There a Potential Tesla Sudden Acceleration Defect?

Recently a Tesla stock short seller submitted a petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alleging that Tesla vehicles have unintentionally accelerated and contributed to or caused 110 crashes and 52 injuries. Tesla

exempt employee wage hour overtime flsa lawyer.

Overtime Pay For Exempt Employees

Living on low wages is a struggle millions of Americans contend with. The possibility of going to school, supporting a family, or pursuing your dreams gets narrower when every paycheck goes straight to rent, utilities,

nurses wage overtime flsa lawyer

Licensed Practical Nurses Overtime: A Guide to LPN Wages

Licensed practical nurses across the country are responsible for taking care of your health, so don’t they deserve fair and just compensation? Every nurse, regardless of their official title, is valuable. Yet some of them are cheated out of overtime pay by hospitals, physicians, or nursing homes. These violations of the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) will not go unnoticed by us.

call center wage overtime flsa lawyer

Call Center Wage and Overtime Violations

Call centers have changed the way the American public communicates with various industries since the 1960s. Large corporations rely on call centers to handle orders, customer service, product and technical support, and almost anything that can be done over the phone.

Yet, with these practices in place to help the company increase revenue, the success has had little impact on call centers. The very workers who make it possible are often cheated out appropriate wages, overtime, and/or subject to other Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations.

fast food wage overtime flsa lawyer

Wage Violations Hurt Fast Food Workers

In October 2015, four Papa John’s franchises agreed to compensate its New York workers to over $500,000 in a settlement. The owners admitted to violating federal minimum wage and overtime laws. Other companies, such as

Pet store puppy Campylobacter lawsuit lawyer

Pet Store Puppies Linked to Campylobacter Jejuni Infections

Across the United States, at least 30 people have been sickened with Campylobacter jejuni. The cause of the Campylobacter infections has been tied to pet store puppies.

Hodgson Mill Flour Recall

Hodgson Mill Flour E. coli Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Did you or someone you know experience E. coli food poisoning after consuming Hodgson Mill Flour? You may eligible to file a food poisoning lawsuit.

aay security unpaid overtime lawsuit

Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Filed Against AAY Security LLC

The lawsuit alleges AAY Security LLC, violated the law when they required their employees to work off-the-clock. The unpaid overtime lawsuit further alleges AAY Security LLC, shorted their employees earned pay by improperly calculating their employees’ overtime premium rates.

Unpaid Wages & Overtime (FLSA)

Unpaid Wages & Overtime (FLSA)

Are you working more than 40 hours per week and not being paid overtime? Has your employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and unfairly withheld the money you and your family deserve? If so, we can help.

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