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Yo-Yo Sparkler Lawsuit
Many of the injuries caused by defective Yo-Yo Sparklers were to children.

Yo-Yo Sparklers Lawsuit

Yo-Yo Sparklers, manufactured by Jake’s Fireworks, have been recalled by the CPSC after dozens of reports of serious burns. Many of those affected by the “exploding fireworks” have begun to file lawsuits seeking accountability from the Pittsburg, Kansas based corporation.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit
Syngenta corn farmers have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of unapproved seed.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuit

Farmers across America have filed suit against Syngenta AG after the company sold them genetically modified corn seeds that had not yet been approved for import into Chinese markets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuit
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been linked to deadly fires and explosions

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuit

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has exploded in consumer’s pockets, homes, garages and offices; Causing serious burns and other injuries, as well as property damage. Our law firm is currently representing a number of individuals who were affected by the dangerous device.

Mirena Pseudotumor Cerebri Lawsuit
Woman experiencing severe headaches possibly due to Mirena induced PTC.

Mirena Lawsuit – Pseudotumor Cerebri

Reports of the Mirena IUD birth control device causing cases of pseudotumor cerebri among young women is on the rise. Our law firm is currently representing a number of women who have received the Mirena device and subsequently been diagnosed with the debilitating condition called pseudotumor cerebri.

Hitachi Nail Gun Lawsuit
Defective Hitachi nail guns have caused serious injuries to many people across the country. File a File a Hitatchi nail gun lawsuit with the lawyers at Johnson // Becker. We offer a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

Hitachi Nail Gun Lawsuit

Hitachi nail guns have been responsible for seriously injuring dozens of people. Contact the lawyers at Johnson // Becker for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

man experiencing abdominal pain
Mesh used during Hernia repair surgery has been linked to serious, sometimes life-threatening side effects.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia mesh has injured thousands of people, prompting a flood of hernia mesh lawsuits against manufacturers. The experienced hernia mesh lawyers at Johnson // Becker are actively filing new cases throughout the entire country.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Lawsuit
The Power Pressure Cooker XL has been linked to multiple cases of explosion related injuries and burns.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Lawsuit

A popular cooking device known as the Power Pressure Cooker XL has been linked to sudden explosions, resulting in severe burns for dozens of consumers. Our law firm has seen a considerable uptick in the number of Power Pressure Cooker XL phone calls and emails from consumers who have experienced an explosion. We are currently pursuing litigation against the device’s manufacturer, Tristar Products, in an attempt to hold the “As Seen On TV” company accountable for their defective product.

E-cigarette Explosion Lawsuit
E-cigarette explosions can cause devastating injuries. Lawsuits being filed nationwide.

E-cigarette Explosion & Fire Lawyer Handling Injury Lawsuits

E-Cigarettes have been catching fire and even exploding during normal use or charging, leading to serious personal injury and property damage to the user.

Oseni Lawsuit
Oseni may be linked to serious side effects including bullous pemphigoid.

Oseni Lawsuit

Type 2 diabetes drug Oseni may be linked to an autoimmune disorder called bullous pemphigoid. A number of those diagnosed with this painful disease while taking Oseni, have begun to seek the assistance from law firms like ours to discuss their legal rights with regard to filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Kazano Lawsuit
Type II diabetes drug Kazano may be linked to bullous pemphigoid.

Kazano Lawsuit

Type 2 diabetes medication Kazano (metformin + alogliptin) may be linked to serious side effects including an autoimmune disorder known as bullous pemphigoid. Our law firm is currently representing a number of injured individuals who have taken DPP-4 inhibitor drugs like Kazano who have subsequently been diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid.

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