Pressure Cooker TikTok Shows Explosion Aftermath [VIDEO]

Said one commenter: “Sounds like a lawsuit to me.”

Electric pressure cookers are marketed as extremely simple and safe, as easy as the set-it-and-forget it slow cooker – only miraculously fast.

That speediness comes through the ingredients cooking at high temperatures, and under pressure. When it works, foods that once took hours are ready in minutes.
Pressure cookers have thrived as a product online and through social media, with thousands of influencers and home chefs demonstrating their successes and sharing recipes. The results have the effect of word-of-mouth marketing for brands like Instant Pot, Power Pressure Cooker, and Crock-Pot.
Other videos tell a different story.

When a basic element of the pressure cooker fails, it’s a recipe for a mess and potential burn injuries.

In the TikTok clips below, watch as users suffer the consequences when the lid of a defective pressure cooker comes off with the contents still under pressure. In most cases, what’s left is a kitchen covered in hot food and a chef recovering from a scary moment.

@karma_3.7 Pressure cookers are dangerous 💀🤭 #fyp #kitchen #mess #explosive #explorepage #foryoupage #wentwrong #cook #cooking #food ♬ The Day It All Went Wrong (Edit) – Gisli

@craigandgeorgia #singledadlife #crockpotfail #dadcooking #hugemess #wtf #pressurecooker #explosion #fypシ #whatwouldyoudo ♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly

In one especially troubling video, a toddler is shown with burn injuries, with the creator blaming an “Instapot with a faulty seal,” adding: “I was told this was something the company knew about but didn’t [sic] nothing about it.”

@buckifan12 The instapot exploded on our countertop while my son was walking by it. The seal was faulty. #familyof12 #instapotcooking #instapot #instapotaccident ♬ That’s Tuff – Rich The Kid

In another, the creator reveals a burn injury to her husband’s arm and says the cause was an “Instapot” that “exploded… when it said the pressure was released.”

@_welltailored Our instapot exploded on my husband when it said the pressure was released. Be careful everyone. Only took a second. #HaventSeen #MakeItMagical #fyp ♬ original sound – Tailor Renae 👑

Confronted by a commenter who alleges the injury was due to “user error,” the creator replies:

“It’s not user error. It was a faulty safety issue. The valve was released. The pressure button was down.”

Another commenter notes: “Sounds like a lawsuit to me.”

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