Home Health Aide Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Home Health Aide Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

For quite a long time, home health care aides fell under the FLSA “companionship” exemption and were not entitled to federal minimum wage or overtime pay. However, after legal challenges, this exemption has been reversed.

Hourly Nurse Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Hourly Nurse Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

It is clear by now that nurses are the backbone of the American healthcare industry, but oftentimes they are shortchanged out of overtime wages for their hard work. Nurses work just as hard, if not harder than doctors and it is estimated that our country is made up of close to four million working nurses.

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Cannabis Industry Growers & Dispensary Workers Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

The legalization of cannabis in many states across the country has become a thriving business. However, with this booming economy for cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts may come at the expense of many workers who have been subjected to labor violations and other employment laws.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

If you are a certified nursing assistant, you are used to the strenuous hours and often brutal working conditions that come with working in the healthcare field. If you work for a hospital or nursing facility taking care of patients, are you sure your employer is taking care of you?

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Computer IT & IS Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

The Fair Labor Standards Act has a specific exemption for “computer employees”, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t being cheated out of hard-earned overtime wages. Thousands of employers have misused their employees’ exemption. Find out if your rights to this money has been violated by reading below.

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Couriers and Delivery Driver Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

There have been an influx of delivery drivers and couriers in recent years, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these hardworking people have been cheated out of their hard-earned pay because their employer misclassified them. Unfortunately, many of these workers don’t know the difference. Read below to see how we may be able to help you recover lost wages.

Mortgage Loan & Financial Services Industry Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Mortgage Loan & Financial Services Industry Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Loan officers, loan processors, residential loan appraisers, underwriters, and more are routinely being cheated out of overtime pay. The rules and laws on this have recently changed. Learn more about filing an unpaid overtime lawsuit by contacting the FLSA lawyers at Johnson // Becker.

Hospital Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Lawyer

Hospital Employee Overtime Lawsuit

Some hospitals take advantage of their employees by requiring them to work extra hours while not paying them overtime. This problem effects doctors, nurses, cafeteria staff, billing departments, housekeepers, janitors and more. If you feel that the hospital you work at has cheated you out of your rightful pay, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation by filing an unpaid overtime lawsuit and the FLSA lawyers at Johnson // Becker can help.

Independent Contractor Overtime Lawsuit

Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawsuit

Independent contractors are often left in the gray area of employee misclassification. Both large and small companies have participated in labeling employees as independent contractors when really, they were an employee. Learn more about your legal rights in pursuing an independent contractor misclassification lawsuit. The lawyers at Johnson // Becker have substantial experience in this complex field of FLSA litigation. Learn more below.

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Arizona Call Center Lawsuit

Yet another call center is in hot water after an Arizona man filed a lawsuit against his employer for denying federal and state overtime wages.