Signature Hardware Shower Seat Recall Lawsuit

A wall-mounted shower seat has been recalled from the consumer market due to breakage occurring while in use, leading to injury including lacerations.

On December 4, 2018, Signature Hardware (Clawfoot Supply LLC, dba. Signature Hardware, of Erlanger, Kentucky) issued a recall of its wall-mounted shower seats due to injury, including laceration hazards. Nearly 7,200 seats were recalled including 80 units that were sold in Canada.

There have been 194 reports of the seat breaking and 23 reports of injuries. Those injuries include scrapes, bruises, and three reports of lacerations. One consumer reported a lumbar fracture, while those that suffered lacerations required stitches.

The shower seat is made of teak wood slats joined together by rods that extend from wall-mounted brackets. It comes in an oil-rubbed bronze or chrome finish. The wall-mounted brackets are meant to stabilize the seat so the user can sit in the shower with ease.

The problem with the shower seat is the aluminum hardware that supports it was found to corrode, which can cause the user to fall in the shower as the seat loses stability from being attached to the wall.

Shower seats are used for a variety of reasons, mainly to provide comfort while bathing.

Some consumers use shower seats after surgeries or injuries to help clean themselves without compromising pain. In addition, many seniors find a shower seat is useful to avoid injury while standing. Even women and men of decent health may find a seat provides comfort in the shower.

Signature Hardware Shower Seat was recalled due to corrosion of the wall-mounting hardware.

The shower seats, manufactured in China, were sold by telephone and online at between January 2011 and July 2018. Barclay Products Ltd. also sold it in a Gurnee, Illinois showroom between October 2013 and June 2017. They retailed anywhere from $150 to $160.

Signature Hardware was willing to issue a refund for their defective product but that may not cover the cost of injuries.

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