Pyrex Warning Lawsuit

Pyrex, a household staple for nearly a century, has recently been found to break, shatter and explode when being used for cooking or taken out of the oven.

Pyrex bakeware is putting consumers in danger as it has been found to shatter and crack during use, which many believe is due to the quality of the glassware.

The longtime, well-recognized household name brand underwent a formulation change a number of years ago after it was bought by a different company. The original owners of Pyrex, Corning Glass Works, sold the name to Corelle Brands (now defunct World Kitchen, LLC.) in the late 1990s.

The original Pyrex was originally made with borosilicate glass, a nearly indestructible material that can withstand heat. In its original patent in 1919, Corning stated the product would be used with borosilicate glass “due to its high coefficient for thermal endurance.” That basically means it could be used in high temperatures without fear of breaking. This made it ideal for ovenware, thus becoming a hit for kitchen warriors over the many decades it has been around.

However, after a company change, Corelle Brands later modified the material and went with what is considered a “cheaper” glass: soda lime silicate glass. It’s a commercial glass easier to produce. But soda lime silicate has a tendency to crack, break, shatter or even explode when introduced to slight temperature changes.

An independent study conducted by Dr. Richard Bradt, a materials scientist at the University of Alabama, found a large discrepancy between soda lime silicate and borosilicate glass.

Bradt indicated that a 99 degree temperature change is enough to cause soda lime silicate to break; perhaps in instances like removing glassware from the oven to a room-temperature trivet. Borosilicate glass, the original material Pyrex was made out of, can withstand a 333 degree temperature change.

Corelle Brands vehemently denies it has put users at risk by changing the makeup of Pyrex. Yet many online users have documented their glassware shattering while cooking or brought out of baking conditions.

Complaints about Pyrex glassware can be found on Consumer Affairs, a website full of consumer mishaps with faulty products. There are over 630 complaints about Pyrex and the overall satisfaction rate of the product receives a 1 out of 5.

A recent complaint from Dec. 16, 2018 said, Wife was removing a Pyrex brand baking dish from oven after cook time had completed. Upon placing dish on cork pads atop counter before she was able to release her grip on the dish it exploded in her hands cutting her on the wrist, chin and under her eye. Drew of Kansas City, MO

Retrieved from Consumer Affairs, indicating Pyrex exploding after being taken out of the oven.







We were making cheesy scalloped potatoes in our casserole pan. The pan has always been handled gently and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This was not a case of thermal shock; the pan was room-temperature and the oven was pre-heated. About 15 minutes after we put the food into the oven, we heard a loud BANG from the kitchen. The pan had exploded. We rushed to turn off the oven, turn on fans, open doors and windows. We had to wait for the oven to cool before we could start cleaning. Margaret of Salem, OR

Retrieved from Consumer Affairs

So far, Corelle brands has not issued a recall about its Pyrex bakeware exploding. The company continues to put users at risk by not even addressing the trend in its bakeware breaking.

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