PIEPS, Black Diamond Avalanche Transceivers Recall Lawsuit

PIEPS and Black Diamond avalanche transceivers may fail to communicate for users trapped on a mountain, risking injury or death.

The manufacturer of an avalanche response safety device has issued a second recall in as many years.

Black Diamond is recalling about 76,300 transceivers sold under the PIEPS or Black Diamond brand, citing issues with the device’s ability to change communication modes in the case of a weather event or avalanche.

The recalled transceivers “may not switch from SEND mode to SEARCH mode,” according to an announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In that case, someone trapped in an avalanche would receive no benefit from having the transceiver and would be left to fend for themselves.

PIEPS and Black Diamond transceivers are sold at Liberty Mountain, REI, and other outdoor stores, or through the www.backcountry.com website, for between $350 and $450. The recall includes models sold between January 2013 and April 2022.

The PIEPS models under recall are Pro BT, Powder BT, DSP Sport, DSP Pro, DSP Pro Ice, Micro BT Button, Micro BT Sensor and Micro BT Race; the Black Diamond models recalled are Recon BT and Guide BT. In the previous recall, more than 66,000 devices were recalled because the device’s mode could switch unexpectedly if not locked.

Black Diamond has received 26 reports of transceivers in the current recall not functioning, resulting in no injuries. In the CPSC announcement of the 2021 recall, there were 65 reports of defective transceivers, with one death and one person suffering a broken arm while stuck in an avalanche.

Customers with a recalled device are instructed to go to this website and perform a test to see if their device is working properly. People with non-functioning transceivers will be eligible for a free repair or replacement from Black Diamond.

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