PAM Cooking Spray Explosion Lawsuit

The popular PAM cooking spray has been linked to at least 12 explosions resulting in serious injuries to unsuspecting consumers.

PAM Cooking Spray CanLawsuits against PAM cooking spray have been filed in at least 12 cases where the can exploded on unsuspecting users. The injuries suffered by a number of the plaintiffs were severe. In addition to burns, one person was blinded in their eye when the can of PAM exploded on them.

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Why Are Cans of PAM Exploding?

defective PAM can design

Image of prior PAM can design.

The current controversy is centered around the fact that Conagra, the manufacturer of PAM, changed its design of the cans approximately three years ago. This is when the majority of the PAM explosions were reported. The company also recently changed the can design again, leading some to suspect that Conagra was attempting to design the defect out of the product.

In one of the PAM lawsuits filed, it claims that the allegedly faulty cans “were designed and manufactured so that when the can buckled and the u-shaped vents on the bottom of the canister opened, the internal contents of the canister would escape through the vents and the pressure inside the can would be reduced” and that these cans were “10 ounces or larger, primarily sold at wholesale retail chains.” In each incident, the can had been placed on a shelf, counter, or cart near an oven or stove.

The particular spray can has a venting mechanism with four U-shaped score marks on the bottom of the cans. This allows the can to release pressure if need be. However, it also allows oil and other flammable materials to escape; prompting explosions, fires, and injuries.

Victims of Exploding Cooking Spray

Edward Oliver is one such person involved in the lawsuit over the dangerous cooking spray cans. He purchased a Member’s Mark brand at Sam’s Wholesale and was severely burned at his home while cooking.

He had to be airlifted to a Texas-based burn center where he was placed in a medically induced coma for 20 days.

Brittany and Brianna Kraemer-Burns are twin sisters who were severely injured after the cooking spray exploded in a Texas restaurant they had been working in. Both sisters were hospitalized and Brianna had to undergo skin grafts.

NBC Nightly News Video

Below is an excellent video released by NBC Nightly News profiling the recent news surrounding PAM cooking spray. If you cannot view the video, please try disabling any ‘ad blockers’ you have enabled.

UPDATE (Sept. 23, 2019)

There have been 17 more state court lawsuits in Illinois against Conagra Brands Inc. claiming the PAM cans spontaneously release contents and cause fires that can leave people with severe burns or property damage.

The lawsuits filed included several Conagra cooking spray brands such as PAM, Sysco Member’s Mark, Wellsley Farms and Simply Value.

This indicates the spray can manufacturer, DS Containers Inc., has been sued 33 times since May 2019 over its defective products.

Conagra has publicly acknowledged it would cease production of the defective spray cans. However, the company has yet to issue a nationwide recall.

Law360 obtained a written statement from the company that said when “used correctly, as instructed” the spray cooking spray is safe and effective.

“We redesign packaging in the ordinary course of business, and just as we began utilizing the vented can years ago, we removed it from production in early 2019 as we sought to standardize our cans across the entire aerosol cooking spray product line,” the company said.

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