Ninja Blender Injuries Go Viral on TikTok

A viral TikTok story about a dangerous Ninja blender inspired numerous comments complaining of similar risk and injuries.

Ninja blenders are still cutting their customers.

Recently, TikTok user Gabriel Wagoner posted a video of him attempting to comfort a friend seeking emergency treatment in a hospital. The video, which exhibits the friend’s wholesome demeanor and colorful taste in clean language, has since been viewed more than 16 million times.

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After watching, many were left to wonder what happened to land the friend in the emergency room in the first place. In another video, Wagoner gives the backstory of what happened to his friend, Nick, “the one who got his arm messed up in the video.”

Wagoner says Nick suffered an injury that left “puddles of blood” on the floor. The culprit?

“He was putting together his blender,” Wagoner says, ducking his head to reveal the Ninja brand image behind him. “And this piece right here, the middle piece with all the blades on it… they are really freakin’ sharp, and really big. He basically went to put it together and it dropped, and completely almost sliced through the front half of his forearm.”

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In subsequent videos, Wagoner explains his friend had purposely avoided using real profanity in the viral video, so as not to upset a nurse who didn’t care for cursing. He also says Nick’s blender injury required nine stitches.

Ninja Blender Blade Injuries

There’s more to the story, as far as the Ninja brand blender is concerned. Comments on the backstory reveal Nick’s cut is hardly unique.

“my mom dropped one of those and sliced her leg pretty bad,” writes one user. “luckily not TOO deep & I was able to take care of it for her.”

“Yes that piece is super sharp cut my hand down to the bone 5 stitches later,” writes another.

While still others way in saying they’re “scared of the exact same thing” happening, or that they find their Ninja blender “terrifying,” examples of serious injuries keep coming.

A sample of those weighing in with their own stories of gore:

“my sister cut her[self] the exact same way. we [have] the same blender. she had to get 9 stitches on the inside and 13 on the outside.”
“Same EXACT thing happened to my step dad he had to have a five hour surgery and his hand still doesn’t work the same.”
“Yep. My ex ended up in the ER after trying to dry the blades with a towel. Went right through. Didn’t even know until he saw the blood. Many stitches.”
“literally coming up on a year from 7 stitches on my lower palm from my ninja blender.”
“this is exactly what happened to my old band director, couldn’t teach for a while”
“I stepped on one of these a few years ago and sliced almost to the bone on my foot they are no joke”
“I had that exact ninja. It is so unbelievably poorly designed and so unsafe. I sliced my hand in 3 places trying to clean it. Threw it away”
“Shut up!!! Omg I opened the box to set mine up and didn’t realize the blade inside wasn’t attached. Dropped it and it stuck in my foot.”

Ninja Blender Recall and Injury History

Ninja Blenders have posed a potential cutting hazard to users since long before Gabriel and Nick’s emergency room TikTok adventure. In 2015, manufacturer SharkNinja recalled 12 models of its blenders, totaling 1.1 million devices, due to a “laceration risk,” according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

By the time of the recall, at least 53 people had sustained cuts from Ninja blender blades. Some injured Ninja blender users later filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for their damages. Johnson//Becker attorneys have numerous clients who were cut by their Ninja blender.

Others sustained laceration or burn injuries when the contents of their blender exploded out at high temperature.

Johnson//Becker clients have also sued SharkNinja for burn injuries sustained using the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, whose defective lid can open while the contents are still under pressure.

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