Mossberg Shotgun Recall Lawsuit

Mossberg did not disclose reports of shotgun owners who had been injured by a prematurely detonating shell.

Firearms manufacturer Mossberg has issued a voluntary recall of SA-410 shotguns, citing the risk of a shell prematurely detonating and causing injury to the user or damage to the gun.

According to Mossberg’s recall notice, “if a user prematurely releases a shotshell while loading or unloading, the unretained shotshell could potentially contact the Bolt Lock Button inside the loading port and detonate.”

Owners of the SA-410 are instructed to contact Mossberg directly at, 203-230-5300, or by visiting the Mossberg website to see if their serial number is among the affected shotguns.

If it is determined that your SA-410 is included in the recall, owners are instructed not to load or otherwise use their shotgun, and to contact Mossberg for a free upgrade.

Mossberg did not disclose reports of SA-410 owners who had been injured by a prematurely detonating shell.

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