Magic Bullet Lawsuit

The handheld Magic Bullet blender has been linked to device malfunction, putting users at risk of serious cuts or burns. A number of lawsuits have been filed by injured consumers. Learn more about your legal rights from the lawyers at Johnson//Becker.

Originally gaining notoriety through television advertising, the Magic Bullet offers a variety of different uses in the kitchen. From chopping to blending and pulsating, the 11-piece Magic Bullet set operates on a 200-watt motor. Both cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

The design allows for food items to be placed in a sealed canister. The canister is placed atop the 200-watt base and pressed down to begin operation.

The lightweight device is a convenience for those of all skill levels preparing food for themselves, friends or family. The Magic Bullet website claims to be “Your Personal, Versatile Kitchen Magician!” but underneath the magic is a hazard to your safety.

When warm food items are used, the canister can build up pressure and can cause it to explode, sending contents flying towards anyone nearby. This can leave users with burns or injuries to their body.

The highly successful Magic Bullet has made $500 million in over 50 countries and is manufactured by Alchemy Worldwide.

The makers of the device are also responsible for manufacturing another dangerous product that’s caused severe injury to consumers: Nutribullet.

Nutribullet has been accused of failing to fix design flaws similar to Magic Bullet. Numerous people have filed lawsuits after sustaining burns, cuts and lacerations, scarring, eye injury and disfigurement.

Nutribullet was recently featured in a FOX 11 Los Angeles investigative video that shows the device exploding during product testing. The video interviews multiple consumers who describe horrific accidents they experienced after using the blender.

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