LG Electronics Free-Standing TVs and Stands Recall Lawsuit

Some LG television models have been recalled due to the risk of tipping and entrapment of children. The lawyers at Johnson//Becker, PLLC are currently accepting new LG lawsuits. Learn more below.

LG Electronics initiated a recall of their free-standing Smart Televisions and stands due to serious tip-over and entrapment hazards, especially for small children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported this recall on Jan. 12, 2023.

Why were the LG TVs recalled?

The Free-Standing 86-inch Smart TV and stand became a hazard while assembled on the stand, according to the CPSC. LG Electronics and CPSC received 22 reports of unstable TVs, with 12 reports of TVs tipping over.

While there are no reported injuries, the televisions can become unbalanced and tip over, injuring or entrapping small children and other individuals.

52,000 units were included in this recall, with about 1,800 sold in Canada, and 2,900 sold in Mexico.

What models are included in this recall?

The recall includes four models of LG’s 86-inch smart TVs. The model numbers for these are:

  • 86UQ8000AUB
  • 86UQ7070ZUD
  • 86UQ7590PUD
  • 86NANO75UQA LG Free-Standing TV Recall Lawsuit

The serial numbers for the recalled products begin with:

    • 202RM
    • 203RM
    • 204RM
    • 205RM
    • 206RM
    • 207RM
    • 208RM

Both the serial and model numbers can be found on the bottom right corner on the back of the LG TV. Consumers can also press the mute button three times on the remote-control device included with their TV to see the serial number.

Consumers in possession of these models should immediately detach them and place the television in a safe place away from children. However, if consumers have wall-mounted their LG TV, they do not have to stop using it.

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