Lawsuits Against Apple Allege iPhone Explosion Risk, AirPods Hearing Damage

Separate lawsuits allege an exploding Apple iPhone 6 battery and Apple AirPods caused injuries to unsuspecting users.

A class action lawsuit alleging the Apple iPhone 6 is a risk for battery explosions has been allowed to proceed by a federal judge. In the lawsuit, Robert Franklin alleges he was examining his iPhone to see why his music had started to skip when it exploded in his hand.

Franklin fell to the ground following the explosion, and suffered injuries to his eyes and wrist, according to his Complaint against the tech giant.
The suit, filed in Texas Federal Court, alleges Apple iPhone 6 batteries are defective, and seeks to recognize any customers similarly affected in a class action case.

Class actions are typically intended to address people who have suffered the same economic damages, rather than personal injuries, because no two people are affected by their burn injury in the same way. In addition, product liability class action lawsuits typically result in far lower settlements, and at Johnson//Becker, PLLC our goal is to maximize compensation for our clients.

If your damages include burn injuries and not simply financial loss, the attorneys at Johnson//Becker recommend that you speak with an attorney to determine if you would likely be better off pursuing your potential case individually rather than as part of a class action.

AirPods Hearing Damage Lawsuit

In another recently filed claim against Apple, the parents of a teenage boy say their son’s hearing was permanently damaged by the use of AirPods.

According to the lawsuit, the boy, then 12, was using his AirPods to watch Netflix when he received an Amber Alert, the warning system to inform people of a missing child in their area. The high-pitched sound came through at “ear-shattering sound levels,” the lawsuit alleges, breaking one of the boy’s eardrums and damaging his cochlea.

The Complaint alleges the boy experienced “sudden and permanent hearing loss” in one ear, and has suffered from tinnitus, vertigo, dizziness, pain, and nausea since the incident.

According to the Complaint, Apple has ignored at least 1,538 reports about AirPods and high-volume alerts, dating back to 2019. Apple did not respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

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