Instant Pot Class Action Lawsuit

In June 2022, two plaintiffs filed a federal class action lawsuit alleging Instant Pot pressure cookers are “dangerously defective” because their lids can open while the contents are still under pressure, causing second- and third-degree burns. The Instant Pot class action lawsuit seeks to consolidate customers who purchased an Instant Pot and reimburse them for their economic losses, such as the cost of replacing their pressure cooker.

The legal action against Instant Brands, manufacturer of Instant Pot, comes as no surprise to attorneys at Johnson//Becker, PLLC, a nationwide products liability law firm with experience representing victims of pressure cooker explosions, including over 80 clients injured by their Instant Pot.

Instant Pot is the industry leader in electric pressure cookers, and typically dominates the best-seller list on Home chefs were told to plug in their Instant Pot and use it “with confidence, knowing that it is not going to explode.”

Customers trusted Instant Pot, and the product flew off digital shelves, according to, to the tune of some 300,000 units sold on a single recent Amazon Prime Day.

However, Johnson//Becker clients allege those profits have come at the expense of consumers, whose safety was put at risk by defective Instant Pot lids and locking mechanisms.

Injured From an Instant Pot Explosion?
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Instant Pot touts “10 safety features” on its devices, including an automatically locking lid that prevents it from opening under pressure. These features mean users should be able to use their Instant Pot “with confidence, knowing that it is not going to explode.”

Despite Instant Pot’s assurances to customers about safety, Johnson//Becker attorneys are aware of at least 177 incidents in which an Instant Pot user has suffered substantial burn injuries due to a pressure cooker explosion. Damages suffered in a pressure cooker explosion could include second- and third-degree burns, infection, repeat doctor visits and the risk of exposure to other illnesses, permanent scarring, lost time from work, friends, and family, and more.

By continuing to sell Instant Pots without fixing their defects or warning customers, the Instant Brands company acted “in order to continue generating a profit from the sale of said pressure cookers, demonstrating a callous, reckless, willful, depraved indifference to the health, safety and welfare of… consumers,” according to one recent Johnson//Becker lawsuit filing.

Should I Join the Instant Pot Class Action Lawsuit?

The recent class action lawsuit filing applies to anyone who purchased an Instant Pot product from September 27, 2013 to the present. If that includes you, it’s important to consider your legal rights.

Johnson//Becker has individually represented over 700 clients who have been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers manufactured by numerous companies. Our attorneys feel strongly that it’s in your best interest to sue individually, rather than join a class action.

Class actions are typically intended to address people who have suffered the same economic damages, rather than personal injuries, because no two people are affected by their burn injury in the same way. In addition, product liability class action lawsuits typically result in far lower settlements, and at Johnson//Becker, PLLC our goal is to maximize compensation for our clients.

If your damages include burn injuries and not simply financial loss, your economic interests are far better served retaining Johnson//Becker as an individual rather than joining a class action case.

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