Ford Focus Recall Lawsuit

Ford Motor issued a recall of 1.46 million units of its Focus model due to a defect in the fuel tank that can cause the car to stall and not restart.

Ford Motor recalled 1.46 million Ford Focus vehicles in North America to remedy a defect that can cause the car to stall.

The affected cars are the 2012 through 2018 model-year Focus with either 2-liter GDI or 2-liter GTDI engines.

The company warned customers to keep their fuel tanks on half full or above until the vehicle recall has been fixed.

The problem is a canister purge valve was found to be defective during tests issued earlier this year. This could allow it to become stuck in an “open” position and causing a deformation of the fuel tank.

When this happens, the defect can cause the car to stall and not restart, or have difficulty restarting after a stall. Vehicle owners of this specific model may notice the indicator light or fuel gauge reporting inaccurate levels.

The recall included 1.28 million cars in the United States, 136,000 in Canada and roughly 45,000 in Mexico.

Ford plans to replace the defect for free with technicians who reprogram a powertrain module with new software, as well as replace various parts. Customers will be contacted by the company.

Though the company has not reported any crashes in connection to the recall, it is important to stay vigilant while driving these affected cars as defects in vehicles can pose a serious threat to other drivers on the road.

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