Delta Cycle Bicycle Stem Raisers Recall Lawsuit

Delta Cycle and Dimension Stem Raisers have been recalled. These stem raisers can shift during use, causing the bicycle’s handlebar to turn unexpectedly, which poses a significant fall hazard. The lawyers at Johnson//Becker, PLLC, are currently accepting new lawsuits for bicycle stem raisers. Learn more below.

A stem raiser (some people call these stem risers or steerer extenders) allows a biker to raise the height of their bike’s handlebars. In plain terms, a shorter stem results in faster handling, while a longer stem results in slower, more predictable handling. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the April 11, 2024, recall includes over 500,000 units.

The model numbers for the recalled Delta Cycle Stem Raisers are TD3318B, TD3318S, TD3418B, and TD3418S, while the model numbers for the Dimension Stem Raisers are SM1977 and SM1979. All the stem raisers were sold in black and silver and measured between five and seven inches high.

The CPSC recommends that users immediately stop using these products.

The stem raisers were sold at REI and local bike shops nationwide from January 1998 through January 2024. They were also sold online at and for about $46.

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