Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Banks Recall Lawsuit

Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Banks, a backup charging device for cell phones, has been recalled. The lawyers at Johnson//Becker, PLLC, are currently accepting new cases for recalled portable chargers.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the lithium-ion batteries in the power banks can overheat, posing a fire hazard. The June 27, 2024, recall involved about 132,000 battery packs. The CPSC warns consumers to stop using the chargers immediately.

The recall involves Baseus power banks with model numbers PPCXM06 and PPCXW06. Both models were sold in light pink, light blue, black, and white colors. The power banks have a magnetic side that attaches to mobile phones. The model number is displayed on the magnetic side. The pocket power cells measure about 4 inches by 2 inches.

It is well known that lithium-ion batteries are prone to failure, resulting in the phenomenon known as thermal runaway. Thermal runaway refers to a chemical reaction where a repeating cycle of excessive heat causes more and more heat until an explosion occurs. When this happens, the lithium-ion, or li-ion, batteries can catch on fire or explode. This can result in first, second, or third-degree burn injuries to anyone nearby. Over the past three years, Johnson//Becker lawyers have successfully tried multiple lithium-ion battery cases.

The CPSC reports that there have been 171 reports of incidents, including 39 reports of fires, resulting in 13 burn injuries and property damage from the Baseus power banka. The power banks were sold online at,, and from April 2022 through April 2024 for between $18 and $55.

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