Medical Device Injuries

Bair Hugger Lawsuit
Bair Hugger blanket has been linked to serious, life-threatening patient infections.

Bair Hugger Lawsuit

Many patients have suffered significant infection and even amputation due to the unsanitary air circulation of the Bair Hugger device during surgery.

Man experiencing possible IVC Filter complication pain

IVC Filter lawsuit

Suffered complications from an IVC, vena cava or blood clot filter? You may be entitled to financial compensation by filing an IVC filter lawsuit.

Woman holding breast in pain possibly caused from cancer
Symptoms of BIA-ALCL vary widely, and are initially preceded by persistent swelling or pain in the vicinity of the breast implant.

Breast Implant & Cancer Lawsuit

Breast implants have recently been linked to a deadly immune system cancer called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

man with painful shoulder joint

Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Replacement Lawsuit

The Zimmer Biomet shoulder replacement was subjected to a recall, and has been linked to revision surgeries and life-threatening complications.

Sad Mature Woman Looking Out Of Window
Power morcellators have been linked to a deadly form of cancer known as leiomyosarcoma.

Morcellator Lawsuit

Power morcellators are surgical tools used to mince flesh and organs for easier removal during laparoscopic surgery. These devices have recently been linked to a potentially deadly form of smooth muscle cancer known as leiomyosarcoma.