King Arthur Flour Recall Lawsuit

Yet another E. coli scare has prompted King Arthur to recall over 14,000 cases of its Unbleached All-Purpose flour from the consumer market.

(June 14, 2019) King Arthur Flour announced it was recalling nearly 14,218 cases of its five-pound bags of unbleached all-purpose flour due to a potential E. coli scare.

The Food and Drug Administration issued the announcement late Thursday evening. Manufactured by ADM Milling Co., King Arthur brand is sold in grocery stores across the country.

Please check your King Arthur Unbleached All-Purposed Flour for one of the following codes and best by dates. They can be found on the bottom of the side panel, just beneath the nutrition facts.

  • LOT: L18A07C / BEST USED BY 12/07/19
  • LOTS: L18A08A, L18A08B / BEST USED BY 12/08/19
  • LOTS: L18A14A, L18A14B, L18A14C / BEST USED BY 12/14/19

There has been an ongoing outbreak of E. coli with flour made and manufactured in the United States. Earlier in the month, Aldi issued a recall of its flour from grocery stores due to the potential contamination issue.

King Arthur indicated so far there have not been any illnesses reported from consuming the product. However, E. coli is a very serious food poisoning that can cause major health complications for some.

E. coli is a food poisoning illness that causes diarrhea with bloody stools. Those who are healthy may recover within a week. However,  some people can develop what’s known as Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), a form of kidney failure. Those at risk of HUS are elderly and young children. Kidney failure is a very serious matter and can sometimes be fatal if left untreated.

The company urges the public not to consumer flour or raw dough products and batter. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a webpage dedicated to the risks of consuming raw dough products and can be accessed by clicking here.

As a reminder, flour is not a ready-to-eat product and not to be consumed raw or uncooked. It’s merely an ingredient for many varieties of foods. Make sure you wash your hands and properly clean items or surfaces where flour has come in contact. Do not eat uncooked dough or batter made with raw flour.

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