AWERS Caviar Recall Lawsuit

If you suspect you have a recalled can of AWERS Sockeye Salmon Caviar, do not eat it. There may be a presence of life-threatening botulism.

(August 15, 2019) AWERS, Inc. announced it was recalling its Grained Salmon Caviar because it is potentially contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, or botulism– a fatal form of food poisoning.

The Sockeye Salmon Caviar in question is labeled with a best before date of OCT 07 2020. If you suspect you have one of these cases of caviar, do not eat it – even if it doesn’t look or smell spoiled. Botulism is a life-threatening illness that can lead to death.

Side effects may include general weakness, dizziness, double-vision, trouble speaking or swallowing. Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, weakness of muscles, distension in the abdomen, constipation. If you suspect any of these symptoms, go to a health care provider immediately.

The Grained Salmon 95g was mainly distributed in California, New York, Oregon, Washington and may have ventured to other states and Canada.

The problem with the caviar is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency sent it to a lab for testing and found there was a lower than normal salt content. When this happens, it can produce the anaerobic environment that causes the Clostridium botulinum bacteria to grow and fester.

The FDA recall notice said consumers must inform AWERS, Inc. if they possess any of the Grained Salmon cans and to either: ship the remaining product back to the firm, or destroy it with permission from the company for a full refund.

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