Freedom Financial Call Center Lawsuit

The complaint alleges call center employees are not compensated for time used to login to their computers.

Freedom Financial Class Action Lawsuit

The lawyers at Johnson//Becker are pursuing litigation against Freedom Financial Network for uncompensated work and overtime.

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An Arizona woman says she was not paid for hours of work required to prepare for her workday as a call center employee.

Nickeisha Rainford worked in an Arizona call center for Freedom Financial Network, a company that focuses on financial planning for indebted clients. Rainford’s job was to take calls from prospective or current clients of Freedom Financial.

Rainford “regularly worked at least 40 hours per week” for Freedom Financial. In fact, she regularly worked more than that, and any hours beyond 40 should have been compensated at one and a half times her base pay. Instead, those hours weren’t compensated at all when the time was for required boot-up and call-ready work.

Specifically, the complaint alleges that she and other employees must first start their computers, enter a password, and login to a series of programs to make themselves call-ready prior to clocking into the Freedom Financial timekeeping system.

The minutes spent booting-up accumulate over time; Rainford worked for the company from 2019 to April 2021. Freedom Financial has upwards of 2,400 employees in Texas, California, and Arizona, according to its own publicly available information.

Freedom Financial displayed “reckless disregard” for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and local employment laws in Arizona in its treatment of customer service representatives like Rainford, the complaint alleges. The company knew or should have known employees needed to devote time preparing their computers and programs for their workday, yet it failed to compensate them for their time.

Rainford’s class action lawsuit would include all other current or former customer service representatives or other call center employees who worked for Freedom Financial in the past three years.

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