Cannabis Industry Growers & Dispensary Workers Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

The legalization of cannabis in many states across the country has become a thriving business. However, with this booming economy for cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts may come at the expense of many workers who have been subjected to labor violations and other employment laws.

If you work in the cannabis industry and have been denied overtime; forced to work unreasonable hours; been denied breaks, accurate time records or wages, read on to see how you can take legal action against your employer.

Many states recognize the right to medical marijuana, but this differs from legalization. As of 2020, eleven states have legalized adult-use of cannabis: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Washington, DC.

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These states have been the pioneers of both recreational and medicinal use of cannabis products. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, cannabis cultivation is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

No longer is marijuana a lucrative business conducted out of sight from the general public. The legality of cannabis has opened up a fresh market of new and innovative products– from oils and tinctures, to top-of-the-line buds from the marijuana plant for people to smoke to alleviate a vast range of interests and conditions. Whatever the reason people are buying and investing in cannabis, it has certainly made an impact on the market.

Yet there are wage violations that many of those workers in the cannabis industry may not know about. If you have been treated unfairly by your employer or did not receive back pay or overtime wages, you are entitled to financial compensation.

There are many employees from various cannabis companies that have filed lawsuits against their employer over wage and overtime violations. Below is a list of examples of those who have filed lawsuits against their employer:

Loud Buddha LLC and Pura Cali Management Corp

Employees who worked at Loud Buddha LLC and Pura Cali Management Corp filed a lawsuit against the company over violations of the California fair labor laws. The employees claimed a handful of violations such as:

  • Being forced to work 12 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Paid a flat $15 hourly rate in cash where overtime pay was not calculated
  • Often being denied their a hourly rate, were not paid on time, or were not paid at all
  • Not reimbursed for work expenses such as meals and travel
  • Denied a legally required rest and meal break
  • Inaccurately tracking work hours by hand-writing them, and rounding down hours
  • Failure to comply with FLSA record-keeping requirements and denied workers of wages earned, including overtime
  • Pressured employees to stay in the mountains all day during every day they were scheduled, and being threatened with discipline if they refused to do so


In November 2018, two former employees of MedMen filed a class-action lawsuit against the company on behalf of themselves, claiming the company violated several California fair labor laws.Those violations included:

  • Failure to pay minimum wage
  • Failure to pay overtime compensation
  • Failure to pay meal period compensation
  • Failure to pay rest period compensation
  • Failure to furnish accurate wage and hour statements
  • Failure to maintain accurate payroll records
  • Failure to pay wages upon discharge
  • Unfair competition

If these examples sound like a situation you’ve encountered with your work at a cannabis company, you should contact our FLSA lawyers immediately.

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