Johnson//Becker, PLLC Files Elmiron Lawsuits Against Janssen Pharmaceutical For Elmiron Associated Retinal Maculopathy

The lawsuits allege that Janssen Pharmaceutical’s drug Elmiron (pentosyn polysulfate) is the cause of both a South Carolina and Nevada woman’s vision loss.  

Johnson//Becker, PLLC is a nationwide plaintiff’s law firm with experience representing injured men and women in lawsuits against pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Johnson//Becker represents several individuals who allege they have suffered permanent vision loss after use of the drug Elmiron.  

The Complaint, alleges that Janssen failed to properly warn patients and their physicians about the substantial vision risks associated with use of their drug Elmiron. The complaint further states,

“According to the Drugs@FDA website, the label for Elmiron has been updated on approximately five occasions, at no time has it contained any information about vision loss, including pigmentary maculopathy, in any section of the label. The only mention in the label of any visual adverse events is a disclosure in the Adverse Reactions section that reveals clinical trial patients reported conjunctivitis, optic neuritis, amblyopia, and retinal hemorrhage. However, none of these adverse events are related to pigmentary maculopathy.”

The cases, English v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. et al. and Pisco v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. et al., were filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on May 6, 2020.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of the Johnson & Johnson umbrella of companies, is a Pennsylvania corporation.  These companies have marketed Elmiron since the 2000s.  The Plaintiff alleges that the company has never provided any warning of maculopathy or retinopathy associated with use of the drug or warned patients to have regular eye exams to monitor vision while using the drug.

Timothy J. Becker and Stacy K Hauer of Johnson//Becker are counsel of record. Mr. Becker and Ms. Hauer have a combined experience of more than 40 years of litigating mass tort cases involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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